Christmas markets @ home.

I had planned to write this post and publish on November 1st, the day you’re officially allowed to talk about Christmas.

A little fact about me is I live for Christmas markets, in fact they are my favourite part of Christmas ( you could cancel the rest for me).

This year we are going to ….. Hamburg. Nothing quite beats a traditional German market at Christmas.

But I know travelling abroad just before Christmas isn’t feasible so here are some Christmas markets in the UK.


So I’ll start as close to home as possible.

After last years attempt at a Christmas market (12 stalls) I’m not really hoping for much but there have been loads of newspaper articles bigging up this years markets.

And if all else fails I can’t help be feel festive in stack or Hadrian’s tipi. And of course Fenwick’s Christmas window.


The market in Manchester are amazing and have such a diverse amount of stalls. I would definitely recommend sampling a few baileys hot chocolates.


So I am going to Edinburgh Christmas markets this year after seeing loads of amazing reviews and I literally can’t wait. However, I can only so far judge from photos.

There a lots of markets dotted around Edinburgh but the main one in Princes street garden and plays host to a range of many different stalls.


Hyde parks winter wonderland has 100 stall market Ali n with many many other attractions. Winter wonderland is theory sounds amazing and if I lived closer you couldn’t get me away from the place but trains to London don’t come cheap.

There are obviously plenty of other markets around the UK with almost every city having one.

Hopefully this is some food for thought you don’t have to leave the UK or even travel very far too visit a German style Christmas market.

Wroclaw review, Sep 19.

So for my birthday this year my boyfriend, Anthony, took me to Wroclaw as I am a big fan of Poland.

Getting around

We staying in a a lovely little air BnB quite far away from Wroclaw old town however getting around was no problem. In fact I’d go as far as to say that getting around in Wroclaw is easier than getting around where I live.

Obviously there is always the option of walking but unfortunately we had quite rainy weather so had to look for alternatives. The public transport in Wroclaw is amazing and so easy. We simply used google to search for the tram and stop we need and off we went to the tram stop. You could even use Apple Pay or contactless to pay making life so easy.

Between the trams and ubers getting around Wroclaw is not something to worry about at all.

Things to do

Poland is such a beautiful country where if you really wanted to you could fill your time in with just sitting in the outside bars people watching and sampling a few very strong lagers. And if sitting around isn’t your style there was plenty to do to.

We visited Wroclaw zoo, which is amazing and fills in a full day. The wide variety of animals is a major plus but it’s even better to see that the conditions seem to be great too.

Going on a Dwarf hunt. Right so I am a 22 year old and even I could not resist dwarf hunting. Around Wroclaw there are many mini dwarfs scattered all over the city. There are believed to be over 400 dwarfs scattered around Wroclaw. This dwarfs first appeared in 2005 as a sign of Wroclaw ain’t-communist history.

Our time in Wroclaw was short and the poor weather meant we missed out on doing a river cruise but this is something I would definitely do if I return to Wroclaw.

The big question- Would I go back to Wroclaw and would I recommend??

100%. I just love Poland. I love the beautiful artistic buildings and the outdoor seating pubs.

My little friend from the Zoo.

My little plan

Thought I’d do a quick post about exciting sunny times to cheer myself up in this awful English weather.

My route

So in my previous post I talked a lot about how you need a plan and tonight I thought I’d share my planned route for Thailand.

Okay so not the greatest mark-up but you get the idea ( I hope)


After 2 nights exploring Bangkok we plan to move to Chumphon. Chumphon was never somewhere we planned on visiting, we planned to go straight to Koh Samui but after carefully studying maps and different prices, it has worked out £80pp cheaper in internal flights to do a stop here instead of jumping straight to koh Samui.

After many google searches we’ve found that there are plenty things to do in Chumphon and it is actually somewhere I’m really excited to have a look around.


I feel like I’m going to say this for every place we are going to visit but I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS PLACE!!

All of the Kohs I plan to visit are the most exciting to parts to me as I love the beach and snorkelling. With our time in Koh Tao i am really hoping we can do sunset paddle boarding.


Since the very start of my planning Koh Samui has always been a stop off point to get me to Koh Tao. Even though this new route doesn’t need Koh Samui I couldn’t imagine missing it out now. We plan filling koh Tao with lots of activities with not much spare time so we are going to use our time on Koh Samui to relax and take in some beaches.


This is the part of the travelling I am dreading!!! In our whole route we’ve managed to avoid long travel and the majority is boat rides. However this is going to be a 7 hour long bus journey…

But how could I go to Thailand and not go to Phuket?


So my parents have been to Thailand on a holiday before and visited Phi Phi and have told me it is not to be missed.

So I shall not miss.


Two words Emerald cave. I need to say no more.


So we end our journey in Krabi. We are spending 3-4 days in Krabi to digest the hopefully amazing time we’ve had. Hopefully elephants.

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Boring I know but it pays. Literally

So for reference I’ve been trying to plan Thailand for 4 months and I have only this week booked my inbound and outbound flights but it has paid off.

Initially the prices I was getting for Thailand were over £1000pp booking all the main flights, internal travel and hotels all myself. (Its a lot easier than you would think)

After some careful planing I am getting estimates for £800pp, which for a poor student 😦 is a few cocktails on a weekend here and there.

How I cut the cost?

I simply made a plan and stuck to it!

The most important thing to plan in a route if you’re planning on doing multi centre trips. Planning my route allowed me to spot my biggest costs and cut them out or find alternatives.

Planning to save applies for city breaks too.

When you plan what you want to do and want to see you can decide where is best to stay to cut the cost of getting around.

A major cost which is simple to cut is airport transfers!!!

A few suggestions I would offer is Ubers. They tend to be cheaper than the average taxi and allow you to get a round about price before booking (a bonus that you don’t pay cash so its like the money never even existed). Another alternative which is area dependent is public transport. I have used U-bahn and S-Bahn in Germany, as well as trams, trains and buses in Poland. I’ve never had a bad experience with either. Public transport is most definitely a cheaper alternative but again requires planning.

You need to know what stations are near your accommodation and which routes you need to be on. I found a quick google search usually brings all the information required. Some countries even have apps available to make this even easier.

For example, in Munich, Germany the MVV-App is very useful!

Thank you for giving this post a read, I know planning can be boring in almost all aspects of life but similarly to other aspects it usually pays.

Happy planning to you all!

A little about why I am doing this.

Ive had a lot of people ask me to set up a site similar to this to share some of my little tips for booking trips for a while now and after finally booking my flight to Thailand I have sucked up the courage and thought why not?

My main aim for this blog is to show you my steps for booking cheap travel as I do it. I can’t take all the credit though this is something me and my boyfriend both do together.